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 YoonHo dreams and ChangMin records it

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: YoonHo dreams and ChangMin records it   Antr. 06 23, 2009 7:33 am

ChangMin.YoonHo ::PG-13...? maybe R:: YoonHo dreams and ChangMin records it

Yoon was actually sleeping. Mostly, for the past couple of days, he had been dozing and slipping in and out. But now, for the past six hours, in fact, he had been fast asleep. He had gone back into Jae's room to clean, of course, but now that that was done with, he had nothing else to worry about. And so, he slept.

ChangMin was sitting in the living room. He'd read that Yoon went back to Jae's room and was officially upset, even though he shuld have been concenrtating on packing and other things. Like putting in his mecidine or not throwing up when he ate the honey to help his thraot.

Yoon slept.

ChangMin suddenly decided to go bug Yoon to put in his medicine, he hobbled to the others room and opened the door, about to open his mouth. But then he noticed the other was asleep and frowned.

Yoon shifted slightly and rolled onto his stomach, his face facing the doorway. He seemed to smile a bit at Chang, but his eyes were shut. He was dreaming.

ChangMin watched, tilting his head.

Yoon's left hand was by his face and it began to twitch faintly, then clench back and forth--making slight grabby motions.

ChangMin moved a bit closer, trying to figure out what the hell YoonHo was doing. "Ehh..." he coughed quietly.

Yoon shifted again, turning his head to the other side as he let out a faint whimper.

ChangMin frowned, wondering it it was Yoon's cold that was getting to him but stayed back. He frowned, looking around Yoon's room for the first time in a while and went to the book shelf, looking at all the things on it. Maybe he'd find something worth blackmailing yoon with and wouldn't have to kill him. But all he found was a tape recorder with a blank tape, yearbooks, photoalbums, and ... notebooks with random notse and schedules.

Yoon whimpered again and shifted again. His lips were parted now as he let out a moan.

ChangMin spun around, suddenly gripping the thing closest near his hand, the tape recorder. His eyes widened as he looked at YoonHo.

Yoon gasped softly and shifted--his hips this time.

ChangMin started to inch toward the door, this was bad.

Yoon groaned faintly. He was panting now. "Jae..." he mumbled.

ChangMin froze, oh. That was perfect for blackmail, PERFECT. He looked at the tape recorder in his hand and check the tape and pressed record. Sure he'd have to listen to ... Yoon's wet dream.. but then if the older vocalist ever tried to give him shit for anything he'd have something to fight with.

Yoon moaned again. His fist was clenching again. He arched slightly against his bed and whispered, "Jae," softly.

ChangMin bit his lip, for some reason this wasn't anything but exteremly funny. REALLY funny.

Yoon gasped again and continued to pant for a moment. He tossed his head once more to the other side.

ChangMin was really fighting his laughter and a coughing fit now. He was still recording and didn't want to ruin his blackmail tape. THe young vocalist moved back to the door, leaning against it so he could rush out when Yoon was.. done.

Yoon groaned and whispered Jae's name once more. "Oh, God...Jae..."

Chang felt blood in his mouth, he was biting so hard. This was akward, gross, and hilarious. yay blackmail.

"Oh..." Yoon twitched slightly, then lay still on the bed.

ChangMin pressed the stop button just in case, he couldnt hold back anymore and burst out laughing.

Yoon made a slightly questioning noise and frowned, slowly waking up at Chang's loud laughter. "Mm...?"

ChangMin bit his lip, realizing the other boy was awake. "fuck.." he whisopered and started to open the door.

"Chang...?" Yoon mumbled as he opened his eyes and blinked at the other boy. He felt something wet beneath him. Odd... He reached below and realized where it was focused. Chang's laughter and the wet sensation connected and his eyes widened.

ChangMin snickered holding up the tape recorder. "You're very quite YoonHo, most people like louder partners.. " He stuck out his tongue, starting to open to door to excuse himself, "No more being mean to me for you :D <3"

Yoon meeped and leapt out of the bed. He somehow managed to drag his blanket with him as he chased after Chang. "Chang~ Don't you dare!"

"I SO WIN! This is for the setlist and for all the times you teased me and played tricks on me!!!" ChangMin yelled over his shoulder and started rushing up the stairs and too his room, slamming and locking the door once he got there.

"You play tricks on me, too!" Yoon tripped before he could grab Chang and fell onto the floor. He stared bewilderedly at the door, wondering about what CHang would do with the tape.

"You do worse YoonHo! and You know it!" He called back.

"But-but-but!!" Yoon continued to sputter.

"But what?!"

"That's not fair!" Yoon called.

"Neither was gluing a blindfold to my face the day of a photoshoot!"

Yoon whimpered. "I'm sorry~!"

"LIES! Plus, you just have to be nice and no one will ever hear it.."

"Okay! I'll be nice!"

"Okay, no one will see it." ChangMin didn't open the door.

"Can I have it back?"


Yoon groaned and thunked his head on the floor.

Hamu comment : Okay XD this is just frigin' LOL yell yell

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Re: YoonHo dreams and ChangMin records it   Antr. 06 23, 2009 7:36 am

Pabudo vaikas ~ xD ryt ryte paskaitysiu ~ smoking
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YoonHo dreams and ChangMin records it
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